We decided it was time to act, so we got all the paperwork in order, lined up excellent suppliers of specialized materials and started letting people know we were in business.

We are offering the public some simple, yet meaningful and dignity-related services which we are persuaded are much-needed as well as unique.  We hope that at some point we might serve you and your family.

What We Offer

"Serving the Madison County Area with Dignity, Respect & Care!"
› Custom Gravesite Care
› Headstone Cleaning
› Headstone Resetting
› Headstone Repair
› Flower Arrangements
› Picture-Cameos
› Solar Lights
› Personalized Memorial Services
› Seasonal & Holiday Services
› Year-round Maintenence

Two Local Retirees with a Heart for People

Our story is simple.  Two old friends, both who had a background in ministry, who were looking for a unique niche, where we could spend our time and energy doing something worthwhile and interesting for people.

As the idea started to sprout wings, we read and researched as much as we could, spoke to a lot of experts and took advantage of training events when they have come our way.

We are both interested in history, art and cemeteries in general.  We started visiting as many as we could find around Madison County, some of which, unfortunately, had fallen into a state of ruin.