We can trim or even remove bushes that have overgrown the headstone.  (In this case, the two headstones couldn't even be seen because of the wild bush and Yucca plant).​

If the stones are lightly soiled, we can use non-ionic soap and water to scrub them clean.




We typically edge and weed around the headstone, adding topsoil, mulch or even decorative stone.

You can choose from a wide array of bright, beautiful flowers, which look amazingly real and are designed to last in the outdoor elements.

We Can Help Make Your Loved One's Gravesite Look Beautiful Again!

Examples of Our Work

Another example of that dark black biological growth on a marble headstone.  Very difficult if not impossible to get to look like new, but we need to remember how many years it took for the stone to get in this condition.

​In this case, the mid-1800's limestone had deteriorated badly through the years and even though most of the surface contaminants came off, the inscription was damaged to the point that it would never be very legible again....so much for the effects of Father Time!

And the fact is, headstones came from different quarries and some were softer than others.


At Custom GraveSite Care of Central Ohio, we're dedicated to customizing and personalizing that special gravesite for you.  We can do anything from a very simple cleaning and edging to more elaborate conservation needs, like resettings and repairs.  


Marble headstones are notorious for having dark black fungus patches growing inside the inscription areas.  Depending on the age and location of the marker, some of it cleans up better than others.

In the case of an older, historic monument, we use specialized cleaners, containing approved biocides and other agents to remove lichens, algae, mold, fungus and other contaminants that have built up on the headstone over the years.

Finally, the inscription is readable again! ​


​We always work in partnership with you during the planning process to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end results.

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